Fall Hunting Season: The Biggest in Years?

Hunting for more visibility and revenue? According to Fox News, this fall hunting season may be the biggest in years. 

Forbes states that sales of hunting licenses are surging due to COVID-19. More Americans are turning to the great outdoors — resulting in a boom for the gun industry and outdoor retailers in an otherwise sluggish economy.

Now is the time to invest in a Hunting Magazine!

• Live in Texas, Georgia, Michigan or Wisconsin? Hunting is a big deal in these states — and where hunting licenses are double compared to last year. If you live in one of these states you’re missing out on huge profit potential! 

• Wondering what types of advertisers would be interested? Businesses that deal directly with hunting equipment, ammunition, etc. Realtors, banks, restaurants, construction, RV parks, resorts, veterinary clinics can advertise also advertise in a hunting guide as well. 

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