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The holidays are just around the corner.

Now is the time to invest in a calendar! Advertisers are more likely to spend money on calendars than other print media advertising because…

1) Calendars are actually used – and help build brand awareness

Every time a potential customer or prospect glances at the calendar, jots down an event, etc. they are reminded of the advertiser’s business.

2) Calendars provide a large # of impressions per month at a low cost per impression

Whether the calendar is displayed in a household or office building — every time a person views the calendar, they are reminded of your advertiser’s business. The calendar becomes the “silent salesman” on their behalf.

3) Calendars are meaningful and have perceived gift value

Unlike flyers or radio advertisements, customers who receive a calendar view it less as a promotional ad and more as a gift — making it less likely to end up in the trash.

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