Invest in a Bridal Magazine

3 Reasons Why Advertisers Will Jump on Board

Opportunity is Abundant

Public venue weddings are coming back all over the country. What does that mean for advertisers? Weddings — delayed, canceled, and new — are back and brides and vendors are eagerly making new bookings. You can help them!

Income? Desperately Needed

Income for businesses related to the wedding industry declined in the last two years. As things start picking up again, those businesses want to make sure the happy couple chooses their services over others. More eyes needed equals more advertising mediums — and your magazine could be one of them!

Brides-to-be Still Love Bridal Magazines

Highlighting and ear-marking magazine pages are easier than scrolling through thousands of blogs and influencers. Brides want to make wedding planning as simple as possible! A beautiful, educational wedding magazine filled with local advertisements is a win-win for everyone.

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